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Name:mr. comatose。
Birthdate:Oct 9
Location:United States of America

about me;
→ 21. Female. Crystal. INFJ.
→ Loves to make people laugh & talks a lot.
→ Strongly biased towards HYDE, Oshima Yuko, Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles.
→ Likes a ton of other stuff. To learn more go here.

about this journal;
→ Mostly real life talk; so lots of college & family life is mentioned. Some fandom is mingled in.
→ All the nasty types of -isms and phobias are not tolerated.
→ Not to be taken too terribly seriously all the time.
→ Currently adding; must COMMENT to be added back.

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10 things i hate about you, 30 seconds to mars, 4minute, 9mm parabellum bullet, across the nightingale floor, adele, akb48, alan, all dogs go to heaven, angelo, automatic loveletter, bad company, beast, beauty & the beast, big bang, bill nighy, billie piper, blue öyster cult, bones, boston, breaking benjamin, buffy the vampire slayer, catherine tate, christina aguilera, christina hendricks, christopher eccleston, chuck, creedence clearwater revival, crime and punishment, david boreanaz, david choi, david tennant, deep purple, die happy, die hard, disturbed, doctor who, dollhouse, eagles, edgar wright, eliza doolittle, eliza dushku, eric kripke, final destination, firefly, ghost in the shell: stand alone complex, grave of the fireflies, guns n' roses, heath ledger, hyde, inception, jensen ackles, jon hamm, joss whedon, kate beckinsale, katy perry, kelly clarkson, kirito, koda kumi, l'arc~en~ciel, lolita, lord of the rings, love & other drugs, mad men, mark sheppard, mary and max, melody., michelle branch, middlesex, misha collins, miss a, modest mouse, monty are i, muse, my bloody valentine 3d, my chemical romance, nathan fillion, ogre you asshole, otsuka ai, paramore, paranormal activity, phoenix effect, pierrot, placebo, plastic tree, poets of the fall, ponyo, princess mononoke, rain, rainbow, robin hood: men in tights, rocko's modern life, rugrats, rurutia, sandman slim, sarah michelle gellar, sean bean, sherlock, sick puppies, simon pegg, spangle call lilli line, spirited away, stonehenge apocalypse, super junior, supernatural, tangled, ten inch hero, the big bang theory, the brilliant green, the descent, the fellowship of the ring, the golden compass, the hobbit, the lion king, the little mermaid, the poisonwood bible, the princess and the frog, the secret garden, the sight, the silence of the lambs, the virgin suicides, the walking dead, true blood, tsuchiya anna, tvxq, vamps, versaemerge, vienna teng, viggo mortensen, watchmen, watership down, weezer, yvonne strahovski, zachary levi, zombieland, キリト, ルルティア, 上戸彩, 上木彩矢, 倖田來未, 土屋アンナ, 大塚愛

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