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mr. comatose。 ([personal profile] nerdangel) wrote2012-08-07 10:25 am

A Legitimate Update

I hardly know what to update with, but I thought I should update on stuff anyways just because it's been a while.

Work is going decently. I think I'm finally starting to fit in and be less of a new girl there, but things are still pretty stiff compared to the other store. The store I used to work at in Louisville was pretty loosey-goosey by comparison and it's taken some adjustment. And the day I stopped feeling like such an outsider? The day we had a bomb scare. No joke. Someone actually threatened to blow up Walmart as silly as that sounds. Since we were standing outside doing nothing, we could talk and kinda screw around for about an hour before we were allowed back inside. This past Sunday night was insanity though. We were super, super busy and I ended up having a bubble bath + candle + sparkling grape juice (Murray won't be wet until the 14th) + A Feast for Crows to unwind.

Speaking of, I wish A Feast for Crows would end already. It's the weakest in the series because it's lacking a lot of favorites - Jon, Tyrion, & Dany to just name a few - and nothing is really happening. I mean, Cersei and Jaime's chapters are the only interesting ones because Cersei is crazy and Jaime is awesome. But the rest? Jesus, I can't! Arya's chapters are also too far and few between because I'm interested in what's happening with her, but she's barely been in it. (Arya bias? What Arya bias?)

In other news, I'm currently in the process of getting my cats switched off Meow Mix. I've never liked that stuff. Now that I'm living on my own, I can feed the cats how I want. So, I've started mixing Friskies to their dry food and introducing wet food to their diets. I'm hoping this will help settle their stomachs because Kumi's always struggled with her bowel movements and Bucky has a tendency to vomit. So far, so good. They haven't discriminated against the new dry stuff and they gobbled up the wet food. (Kumi is still actually up there stuffing her face.)

And speaking of food, I'm eating better, too! I really haven't been snacking excessively at all for starters. I've also stopped eating breakfast - rather, I drink it now. I've been mixing up Doctor Oz's green shake for breakfasts for a week or two now and I feel like I've already lost a little bit of weight from that change alone. This morning I had to drink Walmart's equivalent of Slim-Fast since I didn't blend up the last of my ingredients for Oz's shake, but I plan on doing that after I finish this entry among other things. I do keep at least one "bad" thing in the house and allow myself that one "bad" thing a day though to keep cravings curbed and to reward myself for eating well the rest of the day.

Dad and Matthew are going to be visiting me Labor Day weekend. (And for those of you paying attention, I'm sure you're like Matthew!? Yeah, he's separating with his wife, so he's living in Louisville with Dad now.) I bought Castle Panic for us to play while they're here. It's a pretty nifty tower defense game, so I think we'll have fun since it's cooperative and not competitive. If Ryan and the boys also come down that weekend, they can also play, too!

Oh and less than a month after I move out, Dad got a cat. He's all black and apparently his name is going to be Wraith to stick with the LOTR theme. I'm going to call him Salem.

And wow, for not knowing what to talk about, I had a lot to talk about.